PPC Services

Best Web Pay Per Click Services

Best Web Simplifies Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing.

Let us handle your project and the entire back-end operation, freeing you for essential business development.

You’ll be able to:

  • Get regular free audit reports comparing your website to those of competitors
  • Keep track of progress in a structured format

Best Web Pay Per Click Marketing Yields Quantifiable Results

Best Web Pay Per Click marketing has become a key online strategy since it drives prompt, targeted and pre-qualified traffic to your website. Other benefits include ease of control over cost, continual keyword testing, both local and global exposure, and increased organic “click-through” rates.

Managing a PPC campaign is very complex. It requires extensive expertise in analyzing, planning and the careful, measured execution. A poorly designed campaign can saddle you with high costs and scarce improvement in sales.

With Best Web International team of over a decade of experience and a highly trained staff, we are able to offer a professional PPC management program that is able to employ continual analysis and adept response to market changes.

Campaign elements include:

  • Developing relevant, targeted keyword phrases
  • Creating distinct ad campaigns for top keywords
  • Using effective descriptions and titles
  • Submitting professionally written ads
  • Stopping unwanted clicks with a “negative keyword list”
  • Continual campaign monitoring, keyword revision, and URL tracking
  • Setting appropriate limits for spending

The Best Web International Team Advantage


We focus on our customers through an in-depth understanding of your objectives.

  • We design services to boost a client’s long-term ROI.
  • We are CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified, demonstrating high standards of quality.
  • We have over a decade of experience in the field of software development.
  • There are over 2,000 projects in our company portfolio.
  • We are premium providers to clients like Kodak, Volvo, Pfizer, BMW, and Xerox.

What Can a Best Web Pay Per Click Campaign Do For You?


The greatest advantage provided by Best Web Pay Per Click advertising campaigns is that it can offer your website immediate search visibility far exceeding the results offered by SEO. A new Best Web PPC campaign can be launched and show results in a matter of days, while traditional organic SEO practices can take weeks to months to come to fruition. Consequently Best Web PPC campaigns are suitable if you are looking for instant online revenue generation.

Best Web PPC campaigns have the ability to time-effectively promote multiple phrases and keywords terms relevant to your business. A viewer searching a particular keyword can find it highlighted under the search engine descriptions. This results in directing highly-targeted traffic to you by providing your website with a more prioritized position on Search Engine result pages. Balancing your Best Web PPC advertising budget across search engines will also help drive the best ROI. Controlling search engine results for your branded keyword terms will reinforce branding.

With Best Web PPC advertising, you will have a great opportunity to improve any existing Best Web PPC campaigns or test new ideas prior to product launches and announcements of offers.

Startup costs are minimal and set-up is quick. In addition, you pay per performance, directly related to the number of visitors drawn to your website instead of the number of times that your ad is displayed. This keeps Best Web PPC campaigns cost-effective.

We are empowered to target ads to geographically specific markets capturing the audience of relevant high traffic to your website. Best Web PPC is highly effective for direct selling of services and goods. This geographic marketing dissolves restrictions of size and location, allowing major global brands and small local businesses to take equal advantage of Best Web PPC advertising campaigns.

We have what it takes to drive your successful Best Web PPC advertising campaign. We have the extensive knowledge and experience in the ever-changing landscape of online marketing, plus we will keep your business interests in mind.

PPC Packages












Price Per Month












Minimum Contract Period

3 Months


3 Months


3 Months


3 Months


3 Months


3 Months

Ad Copies

Initial Ad Copy Research, Copy writing Ads & Ad Copy Setup in the PPC Account






Split A/B Testing of Ad Copies






Campaign Optimization

Google Ad Extentions Consultation






Ongoing Strategy Development






Quality Score Report






Mobile / Tablet Ad Optimization






Mobile Website Call Tracking






Website Usability Report






Website Conversion Analysis Report






Text Ads






Image Ads






Video Ads (if Applicable)






Placement Sites Targeting






Remarketing Ad






Interest-based Ad






Topic Targeting






Competitor Research

Competitor Research & Competitor Benchmarking






Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking Set Up






Integration of Conversion Tracking Scripts on the Website






Customer Support

Email Support






Chat Support






Conference Calls






Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics Profile Setup






Google Analytics Goals Setup






Google Analytics- Advanced Filters Setup






Google Analytics- Funnels Setup






Integration of Google Analytics Script on the websites







Keyword Research & Bid Management

Up to 1000 Keywords


Up to 2000 Keywords


Up to 5000 Keywords







Negative Keyword Research to Filter Unwanted Traffic






Keyword Match Typing & Optimization for Different Match Types






Landing Page

Landing Page Analysis & Consultation






Static HTML Landing Page Design & HTML Development with Form Completing the RFI (Request for Information) form will send an email to "Your In box" and lead the prospect to a "Thank You" page.






Landing Page Content Creation






Banner Ads Design






Monthly Budget

Monthly Fee

upto $3000


$3000 - $5000


$5000 - $10000


$10000 - $20000


$20000 - $50000


$50000 - above


PPC Campaign Progress Report






Website Funnel Tracking Consultation






Site Speed Report






Custom Report







Business Objective Understanding & Consultation







Search Engines Covered



Google + Bing


Google and Bing


Google, Bing, Facebook and Linkedin


Google, Bing, Facebook and Linkedin


Google, Bing, Facebook and Linkedin